About me

We have endeavored to live simply making as small of an imprint as possible on the earth while raising children, honeybees, chickens, heirloom flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables. We have been active members of the local farm market and beekeeper’s Club and attend Quaker silent worship.

On the side of Duffy Hill our 1800s log-cabin, re-sided and added onto, rests on our peace(piece)of country, two acres if you round up. With Farmer Scholl’s woodlot to one side and his meadow to the other our homestead overlooks the valley.

I studied Nature Interpretation and Creative Writing at Hocking College, teach field biology and environmental science to children at a local home-school group, write a column for The Towne Crier, entitled From These Hills and have been published in such magazines as Bee Culture, Cottage Magazine, Greenprints, Guideposts(Bumbleberries), and Grand Magazine.

I am most attracted to nature, the mystical, the mysterious and whispers from The All That Is. I love streams and little waterfalls, meadows and woodlands and often visit those near me and sometimes those that are far.

I will not say I do not believe in gnomes or fairies, (little forest folk who hide when us clumsy humans walk by), because what I believe most of all is that things are not what they seem or what we see with our physical eye is not really what is and many things cannot be seen with the mere physical eye at all. Many wonderful things can only be accessed though an open heart.