Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scarlet Tanager on Wild Cherry Tree in Bloom in April

        At first when I saw red birds in my peripheral vision while walking the trail at Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve I didn't pay them any attention. Red birds are common to us after all, there being two pairs of northern cardinals in our yard alone. But wait, this bird is a different tone of red, with black wings and tail feathers making it look as if it is wearing a handsome tuxedo. There is an imprint now on my brain of a flash of scarlet red amidst cherry blossoms that I don't think can ever fade. 


  1. Beautiful photo Trendle? Would you consider letting us use this photo to advertise an upcoming birding program this Saturday at Boch Hollow? Thank you!

  2. Tom Arbour that will be fine, if you please allow me photo credit. ( :

    1. Most definitely! Thank you for your permission- Look for it at www.facebook.com/ohiodnap It's a perfect photo to help advertise our upcoming bird program.


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