Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Got Away

When I e-mailed to see if we could get the cabin for just one night, not two
as is usually required, I think I signed my message as,
Desperate Housewife. I had reached the point that when walking
through a graveyard and reading the epitaph on a women's gravestone,
 "Her laundry is finally done," I felt a stab of jealousy.
Her ultimate escape will come to us all someday I thought, but for now
 I just want to pretend that all the chores that have my name on them,
 have nothing at all to do with me, if just for a day.

 I want to look out of a different window, go round an unknown bend in the trail,
 forget the everyday if just for a day or two. Maybe it was because it was a
blue moon that the owner rented us the cabin on a whim or perhaps it was
 because he thought it was the equinox, as he did.
Some magic was about for sure because rent it for one lovely evening
and morning in August we did!

The cabin came complete with a cave on the property. Spelunking we went! I always wanted to but when Jim went crawling into this sinkhole and said, "Are you coming?" I said. "I am not going in there!" Finally I did. It was either that or stay out in the downpour of a storm that was coming. Found out we were not the first ones to shelter in the cave from a storm. Tales have it a stagecoach on the Zane Trail stopped and let the passengers take cover there once. I loved the cave!

I struggled with claustrophobia, thoughts of our flashlights going out and dread of running into critters and I even wondered if we could get stuck in a flash flood. LOL SO fear was present!
I did not go as far as Jim did, I stopped when my shoes started getting stuck in the clay floor. Yet, I loved it and I want to go back and go further, maybe even make it to the Pretty Dome but I don't think I will take the Road to Hell even if there is another dome past it

I rode the Appalachian Highway so I am better now. Seems I have to go where I can see these hills turn to mountains every now and then. I have to pad down woodland trail to creek or pond in twilight and rise to the crest in morning dew before I can come back home and settle down. Then as I wash and clean and tend to life my mind is elevated on a different plane, one with an extended view, because I have been where I could see the hills turn to mountains, in the distance, blue.

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