Friday, April 20, 2012

Medicine for a Weary Soul, A Walk in the Woods

Finally got a chance to walk in the woods last evening.
 It felt divinely wonderful. The sun was going down and the woods were cast in twilight.

Not what one expects to see in the woods, a black cat peered out at us as we walked by. 

A baby oak maple seems to glow in the colors of its new growth. 


Walking the woods is a balm for my soul. 

"A woodland path is good medicine for a weary walker. Soft, rolling steps along the path do not interrupt the harmony of the woods. Even the snort of the doe before she bounds away is to tell her fawn to lie low. Many pauses give time to hear and see in detail the call of a busy titmouse and the high-pitched whistle of the finch. This is Cherokee paradise - to stand quietly in aged timber and be so much a part of it. Even the tiny creek plays water-harps as it winds its way around clumps of dried leaves and slips over round stones that are a part of its past handiwork. This is a green cathedral with shafts of sunlight cutting through thick foliage to turn droplets of water into prisms of color. Nothing is out of place - not even the walker."


Mayapple Trail

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