Friday, March 2, 2012

March, the Bearer of Spring

Whoa, it is March. Spring is here!

Already the maple syrup tapping is over and the tree buds
have turned to blooming. The Grackle birds and their
accompanying band of roaming groupies,
(starlings, blackbirds, cowbirds) are having their spring concerts
all over the countryside and town, wherever there is a
tree big enough to host them.

Often people complain about these gangs
but I enjoy their visits.
They fill the air with disjointed squawking,
which some compare to the sound of a million squeaky gates.
I think they resemble the way a roomful of people all talking
at once and nobody listening sounds.

I like the Grackles, they are intelligent
and somehow through all that noise they really are
listening to each other because they all get up at once,
and fly away.


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Grackle in Maple Tree Blossoms~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have been busy out-of-doors every chance I get
breaking down last year’s flower stems. I like to
leave them up in the winter to see their forms holding snow
but when bright green shoots began appearing at their feet
it is time for the dried flower stalks of last season to go.

Everyone is half afraid because it seems as if we tricked winter,
she never really came and now she goes away.
We are not quite sure if she will turn around,
come in the back door and dump us with a foot of snow.

She has been known to do this. Yet, it seems spring has been
stepping in with a sure tread, her footprints are everywhere.


I cheated and bought the primroses at the grocery store
but you cannot blame me, they were only .99 a pot
and even the pots are beautiful, bright yellow and lime green.
In front of the urn that holds the primroses
daffodils are blushing from green to yellow and the purple
crocus flowers look as if they are dressed in threads of gossamer.



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