Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Sky

Man's heart away from nature becomes hard. ~Standing Bear

It is still cold outside most days in February in Ohio, but there are times when the sun comes out and I see this from the little windows of our cabin and run outside where it seems the Creator brought part of the ocean and washed it over us and it dances up there in the sky. Last years fields look bleached out and a touch of the hope of spring is felt in the deep, blue eyes of the sulking sky.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Field

It was one of those beautiful sky days.

Here I wave to you from the edge of the rubble of last summer's cornfield.

The grass is still lovely in her wispy, tattered winter dress.

As I dashed out the front door to grab some wood for the fire I looked out across the field and before I realized what I was looking at I saw white waving lines, all swirling and flowing together and descending down, seemingly in perfect harmony. It was like a huge angel feather had flittered to earth.

Then I saw through the dimming light of dusk that I was watching a flock of white-tailed deer. Startled, probably by my abrupt opening of the door, their tails up in alert, there was a group of them running and jumping the other way.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Flowers!

Wow, spring is trying to be here! A dandelion can be found here and there blooming along with snowdrops and crocus on the lawn. Yesterday I was awed to discover speedwell speeding us into spring on the lawn of the park where I took the children.

February, the last full month of winter, can sometimes give us what December forgot. It hardly ever snows for southeastern Ohio before Christmas, so to me it doesn’t really seem like winter until January.

Then comes February which sometimes brings us the most wintry days of all. Yet, we have passed the winter solstice so the days are getting longer and sunlight lingers with us later every evening. In February, even if nature sometimes dresses herself in frozen crystals of ice and snow, a breath of change is stirring.

This breath of change is found hiding in the dark recesses of the chicken’s nests, where brown oval treasures begin to appear. It can be seen above our heads where the maple trees press maroon buds against the deep blue of the skies and it can be heard in the sap that flows in the veins of these same trees. (If you hold a stethoscope up to a maple’s heart on a warm day in February, like listening to the sea in a shell, you can hear the sap flowing.) Syrup harvest will begin soon, if it has not already.

This breath of change is found beneath our boots in the faces of Snow Drop flowers bearing buds that mirror and mock the snow. It is smelled in the scent of skunks that totter across the fields, drunk on love. It is in the bees that make cleansing flights on the warmest afternoons and are busy raising brood in their self, warmed hives.

This breath is heard at dawn in the trill of the screech owl as he serenades his engaged and it is seen in the kitten-like fuzz that erupts on the pussy willow sprouts.

February, so busy with all these inner changes, can be very moody. She delights us with days that seem like sunlit spring then she clams up and turns us a cold shoulder sending shivers up our spines. Often I go to our gardens on mornings, after these cold snaps, to witness crocus flowers that dared to bloom when February smiled the day before. These bold blossoms can get caught in one of the fickle month’s crying spells and become enclosed in a cloak of ice.

Friday, February 10, 2012

February Snow

We are getting some snow at last, it looks soft and pretty coming down. I heard an elderly lady saying that we have had an open winter so far this year. I asked her what she meant and she said, 'Well, we have been able to get out, when you live back in the hills in the old days you did not get out in bad winters."

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blue Star Gate

Some friends noticed that the blue space between the clouds in this picture look like a star portal, a star gate.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stream Clouds, Contrails or Chemtrails?

The sky was wild one evening as I drove home so I pulled over where there is a space near the railroad track and took some pictures. When I shared the photos on facebook it started an argument. Some of my friends think they are chemtrails (poisons intentionally sprayed into our enviroment) while others think they are contrails (water vapor trails from jet planes). Still others just thought the images were beautiful. Who really knows?

Myself, I don't think those
rowdy race clouds are chem OR con trails. It truly appeared as if they
were all bursting out of that one middle
cloud and the streaks radiated around it. I think it was a cloud
mutating, trying something new, changing its DNA, spitting out cloud
rays. I think it was telling me to do so also.