Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Word for the Upcoming Year

I was encouraged by The Abbey, a link that Barbara shared to find my word for the coming year. I cannot get a direct link to work this evening but it is

It took me a long time to find my word. Mostly I was thinking how I feel like I am at the point where the flower that was smiling in the sunshine grows into a seed and falls to the ground. It cannot be comfortable for the seed to be pressed into the muck of the earth by the autumn and winter rains, snows and frosts.

Most seeds lie there dormant for a time. Chemical changes are going on inside of the seed but on the outside all seems still.Different seeds need different conditions to cause them to germinate, some need to go through fire, some to go through an animal’s digestive system, some must be cracked by frost. Whatever it takes Nature seems willing to provide. The hard, outer shell of the seed yields under the pressures, disintegrates, cracks and falls apart.

When does the seed turn from this decaying and leave behind what was and reach for what is to come? What is that exact moment, what is the word for it? I seek to know because that is my word for me right now. What is the stage of first stirring, awakening, the transition? Transpose? I am going to hold transpose for a while and see how I do.

“As the emerging seedling begins to grow, its dependence on stored food diminishes and the transition to its own photosynthetic food production begins.” OnlineScience"


  1. Oh, I love this Tren... I can hear your heart and I so understand what you are talking about. I too wonder... when.....

  2. ah I love what you say Robin, "I too wonder... when... Love you Robin Soul Sister!


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