Friday, December 30, 2011


Thank you Robin and Peggy for your votes of confidence! I tried to do this for so long but it was like I was up against a brick wall then suddenly the wall fell down and I was able to forge through. Yesterday I found out about a place called Zazzle and it has the option of putting pictures on the insides of cards too plus words and we like words. So I had fun doing that and it is more earthsensible, so I am just going to do both. I find it really fun.


  1. Oh, My Gosh. You know how I love that fence! What a gorgeous shot!
    Congrats on the Zazzle!

  2. ah!.... thanks Peggy. I was just looing at your elderberry plants and they are still alive! Hope to get that fence done, next summer, after we plant those elderberry plants, lol.


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