Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sending Christmas Cards

One day it snowed a little bit, but not enough. Not enough to put me in the mood to fill out my Christmas cards. Nothing gets me in the frame of mind for writing Christmas cards like snow flakes drifting down from the sky outside my window. No snow, no cards, it seems. Yet,

I wonder, should I use a little discipline with myself, get those cards out, no matter if I am in the mood or not? After all, it is not common to have snow in Southeastern Ohio before Christmas, so most likely we won’t.

It is simply procrastination on my part isn’t it, for I hardly ever get Christmas cards out. One year I got them all in the envelopes, addressed and stamped but didn’t sent them. I found the whole stack in the bottom of an ornament box up in the attic the next year around Thanksgiving time and I wondered, “Should I send them now?” I got a little tingle in my spine to think that I would actually be a year ahead of the game, now that would be different! How clever I felt, for a moment, but somehow I lost those cards before I made it to the mailbox.

This year will I let a lack of snow and a need of mood keep me from touching those whom I love with a little dose of cheer?

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