Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodby September

For spiritual nourishment I am soaking up autumn. Once I read from an old book a rhyme referring to autumn and it said something like, “Sudden to arrive, sudden to leave”. If autumn leaves as swiftly as it arrived, it will be long gone before I know it gets here. Already the Harvest Moon rose orange and luminous to distract our attention while September slinked away. I always lose track of the moons when they turn to their cold sides so I looked the next full moon up in The Farmer’s Almanac and what is known as the Hunter Moon or Moon of the Falling Leaves, will brighten our evening skies on October 11, 2011.

Time to gather the late crops because we need to stock up on orange this time of year until we get enough of it to last all winter long. Orange pumpkins, leaves, peaches, moons, sweet potatoes, persimmons, sun-rays, sprays of bittersweet, marigolds and the first orange fires in the woodstove, they all contain a vitamin that is good for the soul, I am sure of it. No, I didn’t want to part with golden September but she is gone. She has blown her kisses and moved on. Dreading sad and weary November, I am thankful for brave October. He opens his mouth with joy and exclamation. Perhaps he will remind me to be in the moment, to spend less time sighing for yesterday or fretting tomorrow.

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