Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Ripens

After weeks of extreme humidity, it broke, it is gone, it is over. We can breathe! We can sleep without swimming in sweat or enduring the snore of the air conditioner or the air of the fan. Now at last, we rest with open windows, to the sounds in the distance of the cicadas, the crickets and the tree frogs and we can feel the soft, gentle breeze blowing through the rooms. It is as if magic has returned and now everything is beautiful beside the blue fence where the last of the phlox are still showing, purple and white and the darker hue of ironweed is blooming beside them.

The August lilies are striking in their whiteness and the Surprise Lilies truly live up to their name and always surprise me when they spring up, shockingly pink, bride-like and blushing in the middle of the seriousness of mature summertime. All of nature seems to take a gasp when Surprise Lilly shows up looking so innocent and spring-like when summer is almost over and done. The gold-finch are flying about the yard, giving me flashes of yellow and black and the butterflies! The butterflies are becoming more plentiful and that is just fun. Right now, even the leaves on the trees are dancing in delight and the crickets think it is grand, you can tell by their jubilant singing. These are the kinds of days that you just want to soak up and keep forever.

There is a full moon getting ripe and rising closer to sunset every evening. We bought a screen tent and I hope to get it set up to sleep in my screen under the moon when it peaks. I need to hear the mockingbird singing in the night. I need to really know summer before summer is gone.

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