Friday, August 19, 2011

August Days

One of my favorite places to sit this time of year is on the back patio underneath the Redbud and Tulip Poplar tree beside our little bubbling fountain that Grandson helped me embellish with stones and rocks. Pirate ships and speedboats have also been known to show up there floating in the dappled shade where we ward off mosquitoes by dabbing our clothes with geranium oil.

The blooming, white August Lily on the bank emits a soothing scent that reminds me of Lily of the Valley. We stay cool by keeping our feet wet while we create our own atmosphere by manipulating the ebb and flow of the fountain’s stream. We position the stones to cause the waterfall to gurgle gently then we rearrange them to cause it to cascade. Sometimes we cause the toad, (we forget he is there), to jump up suddenly and move for the shallows, which startles us and we laugh at ourselves for being frightened by the harmless toad.

One evening I was sitting alone by this fountain when the cats, Pipen and Tiggy, started clamoring to be let out the back door. I ignored their pleas because I soon realized they only wanted to pounce on the screech owl that was suddenly serenading us with hoots and trills. I sat very still. I wanted to soak in the vibrations of the owl’s questioning murmurs forever. Yet, suddenly becoming silent the owl disappeared, leaving a hallowed chamber in my heart where he had been.

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