Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Buck Moon Evening

I had a wonderful evening. I walked to the top of the hill to watch the sunset.

After an orchestra of light the sun dropped off the stage. Show over I headed towards the exit, but wait! The show had obviously just began because Full Buck Moon was making a grand entrance at the back door.

The name Full Buck Moon for the July full moon is derived from the Native American Indian words for this moon which refer to the fact that it is under this light that the buck's antlers have matured and are full-grown.

This masculine named moon came up aggressively orange over the field. I lifted my face to the bronzed light for a moment before I turned to retreat back down the hill. As I walked the scent of honeysuckle, in its second bloom, perfumed the air.

When I reached our garden gate the old-garden scent of phlox welcomed me home.

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  1. Your home and garden are like a slice of heaven Tren. I love your photos and when you describe the beauty around you, its as if Im along for the walk with you. Robin


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