Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farmer up the Hill

I took a walk in the cooler air last evening. Ended up talking with my favorite farmer, on the hill. He didn't have his hearing aides on so I did most of the listening. He said this is the wettest spring and summer that he remembers besides one other, in all his years, then he told me an interesting old quote that his Grandfather used to say, "Weather out of season, is weather without reason."

The clouds to the east were reflecting the light of the sunset. There was a blue one and a pink one and we both thought it looked just like cotton-candy at the fair. I don't know how old our good neighbor is but he is full of wit and wisdom. He told me he had to go in for a checkup at the Doctor's office and they asked him how he was doing now that he was getting up there in years. According to him, he told them that he was not doing so good now that he was down to 12 hour work days.

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