Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Sprouts

My mind has been occupied lately with bad/sad things happening in the
world. Overseeing bits of the news, all the drama, all the pain. Locally
a young mother has been abducted. I so wish I could help these people.
I wish every child, every body in this whole world could be loved and
be safe. This world is hard to take sometimes don't you think? This is
why this passage from Jiddu Krishnamurti spoke to my heart today.

"An old dream is dead and a new one is being born, as a flower that pushes through the solid earth. A new vision is coming into being and a greater consciousness is being unfolded .... A new strength, born of suffering, is pulsating in the veins and a new sympathy and understanding is being born of past suffering – a greater desire to see others suffer less, and, if they must suffer, to see that they bear it nobly and come out of it without too many scars. I have wept, but I do not want others to weep; but if they do, I know what it means."

To us humans all change is hard. I wish we could be like the plants and take it all in stride. It seems really cold right now. It teased us with spring for a day or two then it took it all away! brrrrr.... doesn't help the wood pile ran out, winter was not suppose to be so long! Wood needs to dry out for a season before it burns well. Cutting down a tree now wouldn't do us any good. So keeping a fire is hard with wet, green or scrap wood. Yet, it feels good in a way to scour the yard for what we can find, cleaning up a bit! Even burning old bee boxes.

The daffadils are blooming but they look huddled as if they are trying to bend in out of the cold. I feel like we are in the witching hour and I will be glad when we have a new moon.

I am suppose to be making raspberry tarts for Abby's wedding shower. So, I will go and warm up the kitchen with the cookstove and if there is a chance of light coming in it will be there where the window faces south. I picked a bouquet of forsythia and daffadils and the crackles are having their convention in our silver maple tree. I pray for all of us, Pray for me. Love, Love

Lea broke in the new apron Celeste made her. She made the most beautiful apple pies. But then she has won first place at the county fair for two years in a row. Lucky us. Yum!....

She is on her cell phone in the picture. LOL

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  1. Your page is beautiful, Lea is beautiful and so are her pies. I understand what you are saying. Don't even have words to express what it is doing to me.
    Seeking some beauty I came to your blog and there it is. Love you much!


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