Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Change

"I was watching a Chicken Soup for the Soul tape, I loved this and it didn’t even say who wrote it so if you know who did clue me in, “When I was a young woman I wanted to change the world. As I became older I was content with changing my country. When I saw that I couldn’t change my country I decided to change people in my family. Finally as an elder I see I cannot change anyone else, I can only change me. At last, I realize that if only I had worked on changing myself in the beginning, then I could have changed my family, which would have changed my country, which might have changed the world.”

"There must be no feeling of revenge, of unkindness, of bitterness against anyone in the heart. When such a feeling comes, one must say: this is rust coming into my heart. When all such feelings are cleared off the heart, it becomes like a mirror. A mirror without rust reflects all that is before it; then everything divine is reflected in the heart."


My eternal hope card for January is Here

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