Monday, December 27, 2010

Thrown For a Loop

When something happens that knocks me off my balance beam, it makes me mad! Usually I just lie there for a while looking up at the beam and thinking, “Why?” and trying to figure out what happened.

I am so old and it has taken me this long to really SEE that this seemingly, meaningless, menacing interruption is really a gift if I accept it, not with anger but with gratefulness.

I have to accept it, it is what is, balance is lost. When I find myself falling to the hard ground if instead of my usual anger I can learn to accept this plunge with not hate and despair but with a thankful heart, if I ever welcome the hard place with as much hospitality as I welcome the soft place then I will have made some progress.

Each fall gives me opportunity to practice focus in the midst of distraction, it forces me to get my eyes on the beam and the beam only.

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  1. "A man who climbs a steep mountain is always apt to slip. But if this slipping, which is natural, induces him to go down again he will never climb anymore. If he slips and then tries to go on he will become more sure-footed, and will learn how to avoid slipping. Perhaps he will slip a thousand times, but a thousand times he will go forward again. It is nothing to be surprised at if a person slips. It is natural. The mountain is steep. It is natural that one should slip. The best thing one can do is to go on after every such slip, without losing courage, without allowing one's consciousness to be impressed by it; to think that it is natural and to continue the ascent."

    Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:cent."


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