Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bringing in the Greens

I feel so blessed this time of year that I get
to be in the element that I love while earning my Christmas money. Out
there with the frost and the frond, the dusk and the dawn don’t be surprised to
find me in a red pointed hat because I start to feel a bit like a Santa Claus. I
make blankets of green and red to soften the harshness of winter graves and
weave wreaths that usher in the Christmas Spirit on front doors. I become an elf of the woods, fetching the
symbol of hope that bringing in the red berries and greens evokes.

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  1. Hello Trendle, your site is absolutely beautiful. You have such a perfect way with beauty--both words and images!

    Sorry about the anonymous, I didn't want my email showing to the public. I'll give you a URL next time.


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