Sunday, November 7, 2010


Perhaps we wouldn’t appreciate any of the seasons if they didn’t always go by.
Would we rejoice in the vividness of the autumn leaves
if they glowed with such color in the spring,
summer and winter as well as in the fall?

Most likely we would just take them all for granted.
I thought it was especially dark and grey today,
the landscape from my window void of all color when My Lord whispered,
“It is not over”, and He lead me into the woods where,
“Look Here,” and my eyes rejoiced in red maple leaves gone
from the trees yes, but mingling now with the contrasting green
of trailing euonymus on the woodlot floor.

Walking across this colorful carpet I came to a place
where a large fallen tree lay on its side and
I sat for a time there on the log just watching the sun pretend
to shine every now and then from behind the clouds.

Finally the sun shone for sure and I felt real warm and cozy sitting
in a shaft of its light. I yawned and pursued the thought of
taking a nap as I had become mesmerized by the sound of the gentle breeze
and my eyelids grew heavy. It reminded me of the tale of Rip Van Winkle.
He took a snooze in the woods and didn’t wake up until twenty years later.
I wondered what that would be like. I thought since I had so much
in common with Rip, preferring to nap in the woods over doing the
dishes that waited for me in the house, maybe if I tried hard enough
I could sleep until those dishes magically disappeared.

Suddenly, I was shaken out of my silly, state of slumber to realize
I was being severely scolded. I was being told in no uncertain
terms that I had my own bed and this spot was not it. I had been
dallying around and taking up space for much too long and it was
past time for me to move on. I felt like a homeless person being
scooted off the park bench they had been sleeping on.

As I lumbered up from my seating position I apologized to my contender.
He dashed back and forth and advised me that this was his tree and I
was sitting between him and his stash. I fumbled for my hat and camera
and told him, “O.K. I am leaving!” I bowed to him as I retreated not
daring to turn my back to him for fear he was going to plunge from
the tree and tackle me from overhead.
Squirrels, they are such feisty creatures.

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