Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wooley Bear Catapillars

Today November time traveled and came from next month to trade places
with October. When dark, dreary November really comes perhaps we will
get back the crisp, bright, sunny October day that she slipped in for today.

There is a wealth of folklore out there about what to look for in nature to foretell the winter. I have heard that if the cicadas make their calls early on the days of late autumn then the winter will be unkind. You can listen for owls hooting late into the autumn nights and bend your ear for crickets chipping early by your hearth,

and look for thick husks on ears of corn for if any of these things come about then the coming winter is sure to be long and cold. I always like to see what the wooly bear caterpillar has to say about the matter.

Those fuzzy, cute caterpillars start showing up everywhere this time of the year, crossing the road, snuggling up on your porch and catching a ride on your jacket. They are so soft looking that no one seems to mind them. The old-timers say that you can tell what winter will be like by noticing how fat or skinny and how much fur this little fellow has on him every autumn. You can read how long winter will be by the width of his black versus his brown bands.

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