Friday, October 8, 2010

Moon of the Falling Leaves October 22

The harvest moon is past. September has slipped away.
The next full moon will charm us on October 22, 2010
and is known as the Hunter Moon or more poetically as
the Moon of the Falling Leaves.

October fields are strewn with plump, orange pumpkins
and the trees pile their colorfully wrapped gifts on the earth’s table
during the Moon of Falling Leaves.

Spiders try to move into the house. Those of us who still tend wood
fireplaces and stoves finally get the chimneys cleaned and the
woodpiles stacked. It is hard to believe after this hot summer
that it is actually going to get cold. Most of us did not hesitate
to say good-by to the heat. Now what we feel is not the sluggish,
oppressed energy that a too hot summer can inspire. The cool air
makes us feel more awake, more alive.

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