Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the Hills in Autumn

Eddy Arnold said it nicely in his song, God Walks These Hills, “We all have treasures we call our own. Mine are these hills I call my home.” “What a comfort to know I'm never alone for God walks these hills with me. (Every day when the sun goes down I thank God for the love I've found). For the contentment each day I see in these hills God walks with me, Yes he walks these hills...”

After my early years of navigating foothills I was appalled when the man that was about to ask me to marry him presented me with a map of the Northern Ohio area where he was from. All the roads were laid out in precise, orderly lines. Straight. My first thought was that I would die of gloom if I had to live where there were no bends in the road. So when Jim asked me to marry him I gave him the condition that he must promise not to try to make a flatlander out of me. I think I am good now that he is well rooted in these hills.


  1. Hi Trendle,
    Thank you so much for your emails. You really blessed my heart this morning. So glad I was the next blog on blogger;)

    I love living in Minnesota because it does have curves and hills and such. It's really the flat Illinois prairieland I grew up in. Have a great day.

  2. Bless you Farmgirl. You probably wondered why I sent you so many e-mails! There was a glitch in my e-mail and a cache of outgoing mail that I didn't know was held up was all sent, like two months late!

    Yeah I love them hills.


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