Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn Light

Just last week it was hot and dry. After a couple of near chances with rain, which brought only the shrill of the town's tornado siren whining eerily with the wind and leaving us dryer then before,the third try was a charm. No tornado sirens, just a series of long, drizzly rains and one afternoon the gift of a rainbow to admire.

I am enjoying the cleaner air and cooler temperatures. Today was a day of mist. I stayed near the fire in the wood stove.

I read this over later and realized that it read like I was staying in the wood stove next to the fire. Well no, but I was sure into the fire. These cool, wet days are a change from what we are used to. So, it is really hard to believe it is going to get cold. How could the days get so far from being hot, so fast? This sudden veil of mist and rain between us and the sun are almost intoxicating if you have time to immerse yourself in them and then dry your shoes by the fire when your baptism is done.

Some hops are tumbling up the middle of the blue spruce tree so I was persuaded to pull some of the hairy vine down and brew some tea from its pretty, little nobs of gold. It suits me fine, the tea of hops but also makes me very, sleepy in the end. Not being one who needs persuasion to feel sleepy I had best leave the rest for some, future, snowy day.

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