Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumn is Entering

Autumn is bittersweet. That is the nature of her. There will be days of darkness. There will also be brisk, sunshine filled days when the trees splash their true colors like quicksilver across this land. The Creator cannot resist showing off these hills when they are in their full autumn splendor. I read in an Ohio Tourism pamphlet that generally the leaves change color in northern Ohio earliest then the color progresses through the south. I would love to see that from on high and in fast motion, the color sweeping like a wave down through the flat country and then rippling through the hills of our Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau.

I have a friend who lives in Colorado and she thinks that her autumn pictures are striking. They do have their own unique beauty, whole mountains of aspens turned yellow, gold grasses swaying on meadows. Still, I don’t have the heart to spoil it for her by showing her pictures of our hills, when they do their thing. Not only yellow and gold but orange, red, crimson, purple, scarlet, mauve, amber, jade, it goes on and on. The Artist that surpasses all artists never gets tired of finding new colors when he casts autumn on these.

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