Friday, August 13, 2010

Then Comes the Rain


Summer Storm

God came by yesterday,
And chased the somber mood away,
He roared and stomped and shook his fist,
What an awe, to witness this.

On north porch, front seat to the rain,
I was hot and tired, and so glad that he came.
He washed and he blew, and his river came down,
I watched as pine trees bent to the ground.

At times I thought of running in, but was hypnotized by the power of him,
So I stayed and I watched as all was transformed,
By the ebb and the flow,
Of the summer storm.

Cleaning, blowing, flowing,
It seemed God to Mother Earth his love was showing.
Watering her thirst, healing her hurt.
In a flurry of passion between heaven and earth.

Today the ground is watered; the sky so blue, the air has cleared,
Because God has came through,
And loved his precious Earth,

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