Monday, August 23, 2010

Butterflys Galore!

The weather has turned rare! I did our mailbox up with it's September face and found lots of butterflies.

I laughed with the delight of comradeship when, during a moment of repose recently, I read these words from another old gardener, Sydney Eddison. In her new memoir, Gardening for a Lifetime, she penned, “It took a great deal of time and energy to make my garden as hard to manage as it ultimately became,”
Life has days that make you wonder. Then, seemingly out of the blue, there comes a day like today. The blackberry harvest is dwindling. I found just a few handfuls of them on my trek to the patches. Is it the thought of less work that has cheered me? Perhaps. Yet, there is something else besides a change in my feelings, there is a subtle but sure alteration in the air, an unmistakable improvement in the landscape, the lift of some invisible oppression.

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