Friday, August 20, 2010

August, Crickets and Thickets

August is here now, summer matured. There swells from the thickets, at the dusk of day, assorted birdcalls, cicada, cricket and frog song. I find it interesting how sounds affect people differently. I heard a cricket at a yard sale this summer and commented on it. The matron of the sale scoffed, “Oh, those nasty crickets!”

“Nasty?” I asked in surprise, “they sound so happy and are good luck.”

“Not around here they aren’t lucky!” she informed me and “around here they get stomped because they eat things."

“No, your kidding!” I responded,“ Like what kind of things do they eat?”

“ Linens and bed sheets,” the fine lady replied.

“Oh I see,” was all I could say. I looked down at the items for sale while the woman got busy with other customers. I kind of liked the blouse that I had been looking at. I checked it over real good to made sure that it didn’t have any cricket holes in it before I bought it.

I welcome crickets at my house, I guess I probably wouldn’t notice if they took a bite or two out of my bedclothes. Have you listened to your resident cricket recently, (you do have one, don’t you)? My old friend Tressie used to say that the cricket lets you know what is happening outside if you listen to his chirp. You will find him chirping fast when it is warm but slowly when there is a nip in the air.

To me it is always as if on the warmest summer days the cricket is jubilant. I always thought that it was an old wife’s tale but there actually is a formula to calculate the temperature based on a cricket's chirp rate. It is called Dobear’s Law.

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