Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flower in my Hair

Ok, so I went on a date today with the most charming male. He begged me to wear a flower in my hair, and me fifty! He told me that I was so pretty and I could tell that he really meant it.

He doesn't care a hoot that my waist is no longer little, nor my hair free of gray. I was a cheap date, we went to the corner store, I had a purple popcycle, his was orange. A little girl walked along beside us on the way home and I could tell she wished she was me. She hollared as we walked out of sight, "I love the flower in your hair!" Oh the joy of being Grandma! Yes my date was with my Grandson who is only three. ( :

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  1. I so identify with this dear Tren... they are so free of judging... and make you feel like the most adored creation on the planet. I want to link the story you sent me yesterday to my latest blog entry if that is ok with you... let me know.


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