Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Door to Utopia

I signed up a few years to get a free writer’s newsletter put out by Hope Clark
Hope gives a beautiful collection of writing markets with each newsletter.
I was surprised when reading the latest newsletter to come across my own words. Hope features Katherine Hauswirth’s COME THROUGH THE BEAUTIFUL DOOR CONTEST which just happens to be the winning prompt by guess who, you know, me truly! "If you could go through a beautiful, mystical door which leads to a utopia where the most perfect life for you was suddenly possible, what would the door and the look like, what would it feel like and what would this door have opened up for you?"

The beautiful, mystical door is wide open for your interpretation--
create any kind of life you'd like and be generous with the details,
including how your soul and senses react. Deadline August 1, 2010.
$25 Visa gift card for the best essay or story submitted. Please
send entries to The word count limit
is 1,000 words including title.
You don’t get to see that I wrote the quote until you go to Katherine’s blog but it was rewarding non-the-less to see my words taking wing.
Enter the contest will you? I cannot wait to read what you have to say in response to the door to utopia questions. What would Utopia be like for you?

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