Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Anchor- 1

One day at a rough part in my road of life I was lead through a guided meditation. I was told to picture a tool that would help me. Immediately I saw, in my minds eye, an anchor. I was disappointed at what I had been given. Of what use to me was an anchor? I needed an axe or a sword or a hammer or a weed whacker! I needed something STRONG to fight the dark weeds crowding in around me. But instead I received an anchor, of what use was this? I really didn’t know anything about anchors except that they were something that one flopped down into the water, I couldn’t understand how this could help me.

Soon after that we visited a church. I had become interested in this church because, before I had ever laid eyes on it I had dreamed about it. And when I did see it there were wonderful messages on its sign, like,“ Jesus Speaks Here,” So there I was sitting on a curved wooden pew in a strange, dreamed of, church, with my family. I was enchanted by the beautiful stained glass windows that lined the polished wood walls. Sunlight streamed in all around us, making the place seem to reverberate with light.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Rev. standing up before us was a lady. A lady with a very melodious voice that rang out loud and clear. The colors in her priest scarf matched the brilliant colors in the windows. I nestled into the antique setting that embraced us in that old brick sanctuary and I felt comfortable in my seat. It was my husband who brought to my attention the anchors that were in the stain glassed windows and after the service I asked someone what they symbolized. They replied that they represented being anchored in Christ. Of course! Bingo! Finally I got it! What would help me through the hard times was not instruments of destruction but being anchored, steady, firmly held down by his love. This would be the strength in my heart.

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