Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Twins, Joy and Sorrow

The daylilies and the alfalfa in the field are shrouded beneath tall swaying grasses. Something got into the chicken house and killed a broody hen to get to her eggs, fox, possum, coon? It seems so awful yet don’t we do the same, kill, or eat what has been killed, to eat?

The yard is full of butterflies, some so beautiful and strange that I try to take their picture and memorize their features to look them up in the field guide, but they are too elusive. The wind blows them away or Laddy touches them with his nose and they go dancing on behind the barn. I love the blue ones, I believe they are Blue Azures. They are the bluest of blues! Purple used to be my favorite color but blue has somehow slipped in, but still I like it best if it hints of purple.

The Blue Azure does that, flirts with purple, a little of it lingers there amidst the blue of its wings. How did it get so lucky, to be a butterfly with velvet looking wings? I wish I had put a request in for that instead of being human. Don’t we all feel that way sometimes when we are immersed in sorrow? At times like these we must insist on remembering that joy is waiting just around the corner for her turn to flutter into our life again.

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