Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Twins, Joy and Sorrow 1

I have known joy and I have known sorrow, and if I have learned anything about either one of them it is that no matter which one you are experiencing the other one will always come back round again.

Spring has grown up and turned into summer. Some of her flowers she has shed, others she still sprouts. Mostly, she likes to dress herself in green. The roadsides hereabouts look as if they will turn into a jungle any day now, lined as they are with wild hemlock 10 foot tall and reaching. I hate to see as I drive past the Ralston factory how they have sprayed the hemlock that grows by their entrance and now the plants turn dead while red-winged black birds still perch on the lifeless, leftover limbs. How much more would it have cost to weed whip the bank? And the fringed blue wild flower that was just beginning to bloom on the railroad tracks are now thus murdered also.

Oh, if only each human could learn to care. Yet even I try not to care when I hit a ground hog as I am driving in the car and he lies dead on the road. I don’t want to feel it! Us humans are so busy already that we don’t want to have to worry about every little thing, ground hogs, mist-flowers and blackbirds. There is already so much sorrow to feel.

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