Monday, June 28, 2010

Playing For Change Band: A Change Is Gonna Come (live)

I love these guys and boy don't they sing it. Those of us who are up there in years can so relate, " Its been a long time comin." We have been waiting for these years to come for a long, long time, here we are. We gotta go the last mile home. "Its been too hard, living." "theres been a time that I felt that I couldn't carry on oh but now I know I'm still able to carry on. OH, its been a long time coming. Change is gonna come."


  1. We must continue to have HOPE! Hope is what keeps us going while we wait for the promise of God's return and restoration of all things. Hope is what gives us the strength to get up in the morning when we know that GOD cares but we haven't seen any evidence of it! Hope drives us onward when we feel like collapsing. Hope keeps our dream of a better day alive while we wait for what seems an eternity. WE must continue to hope...You have encouraged me to have hope Tren, I want to encourage you also!

  2. Hi ya, dear Tren!

    Indeed, change is gonna come. Light transforms as we souljourn homeward.

    I have really enjoyed your beautiful blog, Tren, and the header photo is gorgeous! Now, that is my kind of landscape.

    Shine On!

  3. Patty You are an Earth Angel.

    Anna I saw this song on your blog and liked it so much I brought it over here. I must have listened to it five times last night. That photo is of the field across the road from my house, sort of looks like your state doesn't it?

  4. I just got the chance to listen to this song...It is very moving...


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