Monday, June 28, 2010

The Gush in the Golf

I know that my blog that was to be about the beauty, the love and the inspirational has been taken over lately by my despair, grief, disbelief and shock. I know that I cannot begin to understand who is really responsible, which side is to blame, who really is the bad guy. All I know is this destruction of the beautiful natural world is like a piece of hell dropped out of the sky, plunk, death. I have spiritual friends tell me to let it go, it is not my battle and that I need to stay in my bliss, in my joy, in the now, but sorry folks I can’t. I guess I didn’t pass the test.

How can someone who deeply loves this beautiful garden of a planet that God made as a special home for us, how can I not feel sorrow for what is happening in the gulf? One of my best friends, Earth, Nature is in great distress, crying out in pain. I just cannot believe that our greed and lust has driven us to this. I knew that we would have to face many things in these changing days but I don’t know how God can let this happen, how if He cares can he stand it? It all seems so surreal as if I am watching a horror movie, and I never did want to watch any of those.

I in my darkest hour said to a friend of mine that I feel free to discuss such matters with, “I think God has given up on us.” She replied back to me, “ Oh don’t say that Tren, he has not given up on us he is just bringing us to the end of ourselves.” I cannot quite digest what that means, but at least it gives hope of this having a purpose, a meaning and oh how I do want there to be a very good reason why any person, any animal, any small piece of plankton would ever have to go through something like this.

The un-fine truth lies stark at me feet now and it is that the people in control, They Don’t Care About Us, Michelle Jackson had it right in the song that he was practicing before he died, titled the same, They Don’t Care About Us! And if we feel snug because we are a fair distance from this disaster I read one fellow from the gulf put it this way, “watch how they treat us, learn how they’ll treat you.” It is like wow, we are here, the doomsayers were right, the common man, the common dolphin, we are just little ants that they brush aside.

I have been crying out to God for some understanding. I am angry, what do I do with this anger? I cannot stay in my bliss, I must do something. I have been wanting to meditate, to pray, find that quiet place, but I have been sick and unable to get there. Something a friend said helped me and it was something like, “love in big ways and in small ways. DO not fall prey to the ways of the world... " live in it but do not be of it" The world has been falling apart for some time and we know that... a piece at a time it is falling apart, from chaos comes creation.” And she reminded me that my job is to love. Ultimately that is all of our jobs, to keep loving through it all.

Another friend says, “My feeling is that remarks like yours (Tren and Joy) ... and millions of others ... ( and I insert here, Kindra) will help lift human awareness to a different level ... soul conditions can change and will change as we bring to each other our thoughts and feelings about situations like the Gulf of Mexico.”
And my husband said, “I think the only way to keep sane is to believe there is a plan...and everything is part of the plan.” And by this he means a plan by a Supreme Being who can see the whole picture.

Did it take a disaster of this proportion and magnitude to spur the changes that we need to make in our hearts? I don’t believe people realize the depth of this yet. We are on our toughest lessons now human race, will we learn?! Turn the tv off, forget the latest survivor show, realize that we are already acting in the biggest survivor show of all, and the stage is Planet Earth.


  1. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

    THE thought of "pure in heart" is not perfection of conduct, nor of word, nor of thought, but perfection of intention as respects all of these. Our desire and effort
    must be for perfection--in thought, word and
    deed. The standard before us, to which our hearts,wills, must give assent, is the divine standard, "Be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)
    God has set no lower standard than this absolute
    perfection, but He has provided for us grace,
    mercy and peace through Christ, if we will walk in His footsteps,--this purity of heart being one of the essential steps in the narrow way.

    You have a pure heart Tren and your purity longs for that perfection that is in God. The ones who are responsible for ruining the earth don't care about purity...You can believe that God is watching and waiting to see what man will do...He will have the last word and He will repair the damage. These same types of people took our Lord and beat Him beyond recognition, put a crown of thorns on His head and then crucified Him...But he was resurrected. He now waits for the right time to return and set up His Kingdom. He will resurrect the earth and it will be as if none of this ever happened....It is a bad dream. We will one day awaken in new bodies on a new earth. All tears will be wiped away! My heart goes out to you...

  2. Patty I don’t know about the pure heart. I let the things of the world bother me so that they make me bitter, angry, frustrated so I have been corrupted by the world. What a beautiful verse that is from Matthew! And the explanation of what a pure heart really is, “not perfection of conduct, nor of word, nor of thought, but perfection of intention as respects all of these. That is something to ponder on and I will.

    Thank you for everything that you have shared and for your understanding heart. You love and you feel my pain. All my friends have helped me, with words, with understanding and while I was out in the garden pulling weeds I saw a vision of beautiful flowers and butterflies like I have never seen and I heard God say“ Do you not believe I can create again?” He didn’t have to say, and even more beautifully then before, because I could see a tiny little part of what He has in store. It was enough to comfort me and oh how I hate to see this beautiful masterpiece of an earth suffer so us humans might learn but I feel like God is saying, “this is the way it has to be, these things have been coming for a long, long time and this is the way the tide is traveling.

    World on Edge

    Every day I breathe the air that seems so pure and clean,
    I walk the grass that shines so brightly green.
    I listen to the songs the birds so gladly sing.
    In my heart I cry, “What an Artist You are!
    What a Creator! ” to the one who made all these.
    Tomorrow they might all go away,
    Burnt with toxic fumes and chemical rains.
    I will love them well! I will love them well today,
    for tomorrow they might all go away.
    Today I breath the air so pure and clean.


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