Friday, May 21, 2010

Of Blogging

So far blogging has been somewhat of a lonely endeavor. Facebooking has a lot more feedback! So at this time, my blog will be a journal, a journal that I will never mislay, not until technology falls by the wayside anyhow. I am glad to have this space to share my pictures and some of my thoughts about life and living. Now we can put our pictures where they will never grow yellow. What if we could read the blog page from a pioneer lady wouldn’t that be fun? I have some of my Grandpa’s old scrapbooks, full of articles that he enjoyed, stories that he wanted to keep, a poem or two. My scrapbook for my children will be online in the shape of this blog.


  1. Oh Tren, you must know how completely happy I am to have a place to connect with your beautiful heart and spirit. Your writing and photos speak so deeply to my own homestead heart. I look forward to little visits with our Creator through your blog. You are a vessel through which His beauty flows so freely...Blog on my beautiful friend!

  2. (((Robin!))) I have missed you! I am completely happy to have you here! We have long shared homestead hearts! Welcome and contribute whenever you feel called to. All Love and Prayers


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