Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Before the Green

It has always been the robin that is known in most circles as the harbinger of spring. In these parts of New York State, robins are around all winter now. And even when they weren't, spring in my mind meant one thing- the arrival of the red winged blackbird.
Each March I listen in the morning as I go to my car for the unmistakeable trill, the exhuberant wake up call from winter's quiet. Just last week, it was finally here! I heard my first blackbird and could then be allowed to imagine the first green shoots, the coming of the daffodils, the arrival of life back to my land.
The blackbirds are the first to arrive to brave the gray and cold that still lingers. They tell us, it won't be long, take heart. I guess that's why they wear their hearts on their sleeves.


  1. Amy thank you! I see those red-winged black birds too, saw one doing a dance with his wings spread wide. I always pray that the farmer will not cut down the field of alfalfa before the young red-wings have left their nests.


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